Welcome to my Blog!  This is new for me, but it is a way to try to outline some of the creative changes to the way in which a “family law dispute” may, and will, be resolved in the coming months and years.

This first topic is:  Family Law Arbitration and the process known as “Mediation/Arbitration” or “Med/Arb”.

In my experience, when a couple go thr0ugh a separation, they want to do the “right thing” in the “right way”. The trouble can be to determine what is the “right” thing and way?

For those of you who have visited my website (www.bevchurchillfamilylawyer.com), you know that one to the ways to resolve a family law dispute is through Mediation.  Mediation is a voluntary process in which a couple work with a Family Law Mediator, either with lawyers or not, to resolve their family law dispute.

If the couple is not able to resolve their family law dispute through the Mediation process, they can be put into the situation of pursuing other processes to resolve their dispute.  Each couple will have their own unique experience in Mediation and whether or not they are able to achieve a settlement.  Many family law dsiputes are resolved during the Mediation: certainly that has been my general experience.  However,…..

Sometimes the question arises: What happens went the Mediaton Processes does not lead to a resolution of the dispute?

Well, this past week, I completed the requirements to be a Family Law Arbitrator.  What this means is that I, as well as those who also completed the training with me, can do a combination settlement process know as “Mediation/Arbitration.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Family Law Settlements and the Mediaton/Arbitration Process

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